Travel Information

Indian Tourist traveling to Bhutan does not require any visa. However they need a travel Permit to visit Bhutan.
Entry Permit:

Indian travelers will need a permit to visit Bhutan. This applies to anyone holding an Indian passport, or an Indian voter ID card. Visitors from India can obtain Permit through us in advance or even process on arrival at the port of entry however it is recommended that Permit obtained in advance to reduce wait time and for faster clearance at the port of entry.

  • We require colour scan copy of Passport or Voter ID card to process the e-Permit. The passport must be valid for six months from the intended date of departure from the Kingdom.
  • For children under 18 years of age, either valid Passport or birth certificate required to process Permit. Also, it is mandatory for children to be accompanied by legal guardian.
  • Latest Passport size photograph too required for processing Permit.
  • Travel insurance is also required while processing Permit and it should be valid for entire duration of the trip.
  • As of date, there is no fee to obtain permit and we do not charge any Permit fee if tour is booked with us.
  • The sustainable development Fee for the Indian nationals is INR 1200 per person per night.
  • The Sustainable Development Fee (SDF), however, exempts day tourists (Indian) who do not travel past the first designated location (Border town, Phuntsholing).
  • Minors under the age of five is exempted and children between the ages of six and below twelve, pay a 50% sustainable development fund.

Travel Documents Required With Presence of the Guest:
1. Valid Indian passport (above 6 months validity) or Voters Identity Card (anyone) is a must for 18 years and above.
2. Child below 5 years (Birth certificate is required).
3. Child between 6 – 17 years academic School Identity Card is required.
4. 01 recent passport size photographs for each guest.

Entrance through Border Town.

Driver is only allowed to enter through the main gate to report to RBP and leave the luggage in précised hotels. They will get a token for exit.

Guest has to walk through entry point with valid documents along with the guide(Bhutan/India).

By Air:
Druk Air &Bhutan Airlines, operates flights from Paro, the only International Airport in Bhutan, to Delhi, Kolkata, Bagdogra and Guwahati.
Bagdogra & Guwahati is well connected to the major cities of India by various airlines like Jet airways, Indigo Airlines, Spice jet, Vistara Airlines and Indian Airlines. One can take the connecting flight to Paro from any sector.

By Road:
Travel over land from Siliguri, Jalpaiguri, Alipurduar to the nearest Bhutan border town(Phuentsholing)to enter Bhutan.

By Rail:
NJP (New Jalpaiguri) is the nearest major railway station in the Indian State of West Bengal. The other smaller stations are Alipurduar, New Cooch Vihar and Hasimara though we recommend NJP as the convenient station for pick up/drop facilities and 05 hours’ drive to the nearest Bhutan border town of Phuentsholing.

Entering Bhutan by Flight:
While collecting your airlines boarding pass you are given 02 forms at Druk air counter.
A. Embarkation & Disembarkation Card (Blue Form)
You are required to fill up the form completely and submit the same to the authority. The concern officer retains the disembarkation card and return the embarkation card back to you which is again required while exiting Bhutan. Please do not lose this card.
B. Immigration form (Yellow Form):
You are required to fill and submit this form at the immigration counter while getting the entry permit at Bhutan airport.
C. Bhutan Entry Permit:
Passport Holder: Bhutan entry permit are stamped on the passport itself. It is must to carry your passport while traveling & taking inter point connection. You will not be allowed to leave the country without stamping the exit on it.

Voter ID card: Bhutan entry permit are issued separately on papers after verifying Voter ID card. This document must be carried while traveling & taking inter point connection. You are also advised to make photo copy of the paper permit and keep it in safe custody as you will not be allowed to leave the country without surrendering this paper permit in original.

Exiting Bhutan by Flight:
While collecting your airlines boarding pass you are given 02 forms at the Druk air counter.
A. Declaration from for Departing Passengers (Blue Form)
You are required to fill it and submit at the immigration counter along with entry permit (original copy) and Embarkation card which is given to you while entering Bhutan.
B. Immigration Form (Yellow form)
You are required to fill up this immigration form (Yellow form) and this form has to be submitted at the immigration counter at the final port of Disembarkation, i.e. Bagdogra, Kolkata, Delhi and other airport connected by Druk air in India.
C. Bhutan Entry Permit
This is the same Paper permit issued while entering Bhutan. You will not be allowed to leave the country without surrendering this paper permit in original.

1. Declaration form basically states that you are not carrying any prohibited items out of Bhutan.
2. Embarkation form is the left over form while entering Bhutan.
3. Yellow form is basically a self-declaration of items carried by you on flight. i.e.number of check in Baggage, hand baggage, duty & duty free items.

Entering Bhutan by Surface:
Bhutan Entry permit are issued from the immigration office at Phuentsholing.
1. You are required to visit the immigration office along with your guide / driver at the Bhutan entry gate to obtain your Bhutan entry permit (personal presence is a must for obtaining the permit).
2. For surface traveler Bhutan entry permit are issued separately in papers after verifying the documents. This document must be carried while traveling and taking inner point connection. You are also advised to make photo copy of the paper permit and keep it in safe custody. As you will not be allowed to leave the country without surrendering the pink permit for visiting any other area other than Thimphu & Paro.
Exiting Bhutan by Surface:
While exiting from Phuentsholing you will have to surrender original entry permit which was given to you while entering Bhutan at immigration office. You will not be allowed to leave the country without surrendering this paper permit in original, issued at Paro or Phuntsholing.

Photography (Please check with your guide):
a. Request permission before taking photographs of people, events or objects
b. Inside the premises of temples, dzongs or monastery, taking photographs is not permitted.
c. Taking photographs is only permitted in the court yard area.

Religious Artifact / Antique:
a. Please do not touch any religious artifact or antique.
b. Purchase of religious items especially antiques is prohibited.
c. Please do not climb on or do anything that would show lack of respect to Buddhist artifacts or antiques, large or small, ruined or not, they are regarded as sacred.

Dress Code:
a. Please take of hats while entering Dzongs, Temples or Monastery.
b. Shorts / half pants are not permitted while entering a Dzong, Temple or Monastery.

a. Before entering a Dzong, temple, monastery, please switch off all mobile phones or keep in the silent/vibrating mode.
b. Please speak softly within the religious premises.

The Bhutanese Way:
• Always walk in clockwise direction while visiting religious places.
• Please remember not to point with a single finger but use an upturned flat extended hand especially to indicate a sacred object or place.
• Please throw rubbish only in designated areas.
• Please refrain from touching any ritual objects or mural paintings.
• Please do not walk over any clothes, books, hearth or materials left open in religious sites.
• Please refrain from smoking or drinking while visiting religious places.
• If you are not sure please ask the local people or the guide.
• Please do not be too close to the lake or river if you visit to avoid any accidents.

Smoking / Tobacco Products:
• Any tobacco products and cigarettes are forbidden in the kingdom. For personal consumption passengers are permitted to bring200 imported cigarettes (10 packets) on payment of 200 percent duty and 100 percent duty on Indian make tobacco products.
• Alcoholic beverage up to 1 liter for personal consumption is allowed.

Currency Notes:
Indian currency Rs. 2000 are not acceptable in Bhutan. Few ATM Machines are available in Thimphu , Paro & Phuntsholing only. Please check on your rear side of the ATM card if it is mention use of Card is not valid for Bhutan & Nepal.

Important: We need following for process your booking.
• Guest Name & Contact Number
• Naming List with gender & age
• Arrival / Departure details
• Hotel booking voucher